We serve the bug fixing and maintenance services to our clients a seamless service from our end. We execute different levels of testing to remove each and every bug from the software and deliver you the quality product.

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Webseowiz excels in improving your business-critical websites for usability, stability, and lifespan through its website maintenance services. Our website maintenance process lifecycle includes services for everything from as small as fixing bugs to handling complex challenges.

Fixing and Maintenance Services

Website maintenance is a process of modifying a product after delivery in order to correct faults, enhance functionality or to simply adapt the product to a modified environment.

WebWeoWiz provides a wide range of bug fixing and maintenance services to ensure that the delivered website runs smoothly and in full accordance with the clients’ requirements. With the help of our professional team of experts, we don’t just provide support and maintenance; we provide it in the right manner. We update your website in order to meet changing information requirements, like adding new functionalities, fixing bugs or adapting the software to new hardware devices.


Our Maintenance Services

Bug Fixing & Enhancements

A bug is an erroneous operation on the website based on the customer’s requirements. A typical lifecycle followed by Webseowiz in the processing of bugs can be given as follows:

  1. User Reports Bug
  2. Quality Analyst Team reproduces the bug

Code Optimization

Our professionals hold expertise in optimizing code for your website. This may include rectifying the code for standardization purposes; reducing the lines of code without affecting the functioning and output; converting a non-robust and non-scalable code to robust and scalable code.

Speed Optimization

Page loading time is an important part of user experience. In fact, it is becoming an important factor in search engine rankings too. Given its significance, Webseowiz optimizes your website’s page loading speed to enhance user experience and make it search-engine friendly.

Security Maintenance

Webseowiz makes sure that your systems remain secured 24/7. Security maintenance services may include backups, authorizing permissions and ownerships for critical files and directories, checking rights’ assignment, monitoring system logs etc. or a new feature request.

Preventive Maintenance

We offer proactive maintenance services to prevent system problems. This is done to minimize breakdowns and depreciation.

Got Hacked And Blacklisted? Google Blocks Your Website?

We can clean and help to remove your website from blacklists within 24 hours. Our Search Engine Blacklist Monitoring tool can prevent the loss of search engine ranks.


Contact us now and we remove malware, backdoors, viruses, and spyware from your website within 24 hours.


After malware removal we install our website antivirus, security monitoring scripts and firewall to keep your website secure.


We install monitoring software. If we notice suspicious activity on your website, we take an action to protect your website.


You will get 14 – 90 days guarantee. During this period we will monitor and log all activity on your website. If we notice any problem, your website will be cleaned up again absolutely free.


We do more than just detect and delete malware from your website. We analyze the files and fix the bugs which the hacker used and prevent future attacks.


We can clean and help to remove your website from blacklists within 24 hours. Our Search Engine Blacklist Monitoring tool can prevent the loss of search engine ranks.

Malware Removal

Don’t wait until your website gets Blacklisted !More than 30,000 websites get hacked every day.

» How We Can Help?

Our security experts and engineers are more than happy to help you find and remove any malware and backdoors from your website. They will fix all the bugs your website might have to prevent future hackers attacks. That’s why Webseowiz is one of the best malware removal companies.

The next step is carefully to analyze your website and identify any other backdoors hackers could leave to get access to your website.

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