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We serve the bug fixing and maintenance services to our clients a seamless service from our end. We execute different levels of testing to remove each and every bug from the software and deliver you the quality product.

Website Development

Empower Your Business With A Professional Web Development Company

At Webseowiz, we specialize in enhancing the usability, stability, and lifespan of your business-critical websites through our website maintenance services. Our website maintenance process lifecycle covers a range of services, from addressing minor bug fixes to managing complex challenges.

Fixing and Maintenance Services

The process of website maintenance involves making modifications to a product after its delivery in order to address any faults, improve functionality, or adapt the product to a new environment.

At WebSeoWiz, we offer a diverse array of services for fixing bugs and maintaining websites to guarantee seamless operation in complete compliance with our client’s needs. Our team of skilled professionals ensures that we don’t just provide maintenance and support, but we do it correctly. We update your website to meet evolving information needs, such as incorporating new features, resolving glitches, or adjusting the software for compatibility with new hardware devices.


Our Maintenance Services

Bug Fixing & Enhancements

A bug refers to an incorrect operation on the website that does not align with the customer’s specifications. WebSeoWiz typically follows a lifecycle to address bugs, which can be outlined as follows:

  1. User Reports Bug
  2. Quality Analyst Team reproduces the bug

Code Optimization

Our team of professionals is highly skilled in optimizing website code. This may involve standardizing code to correct any errors, streamlining the code without compromising its performance or output, or transforming non-robust and non-scalable code into robust and scalable code.

Speed Optimization

The time it takes for a page to load is a critical aspect of the user experience, and increasingly, it’s also a key factor in search engine rankings. At WebSeoWiz, we recognize its importance and work to optimize your website’s page loading speed for improved user experience and search engine friendliness.

Security Maintenance

At WebSeoWiz, we ensure that your systems are protected around the clock. Our security maintenance services may involve creating backups, managing permissions and ownerships for important files and directories, reviewing permission assignments, monitoring system logs, and addressing any new feature requests.

Preventive Maintenance

Our maintenance services at Webseowiz are designed to be proactive, helping to prevent system issues before they occur. This approach is aimed at reducing breakdowns and minimizing depreciation.

Got Hacked And Blacklisted? Google Blocks Your Website?

We can clean and help to remove your website from blacklists within 24 hours. Our Search Engine Blacklist Monitoring tool can prevent the loss of search engine ranks.


Get in touch with us now, and we’ll eliminate any malware, backdoors, viruses, or spyware from your website in under 24 hours.


Following the removal of malware, we install a website antivirus, security monitoring scripts, and a firewall to ensure your website remains secure.


We set up monitoring software to keep a watchful eye on your website. If we detect any suspicious activity, we take swift action to safeguard your website.


We offer a guarantee of 14-90 days, during which we continuously monitor and log all activity on your website. If we observe any issues, we will promptly perform another thorough cleaning of your website at no additional cost.


Our services go beyond identifying and removing malware from your website. We conduct a thorough analysis of the files to identify the bugs used by the hacker and fix them, thereby preventing future attacks.


We can assist with cleaning and removing your website from blacklists in as little as 24 hours. Our Search Engine Blacklist Monitoring tool can prevent a drop in search engine rankings.

Malware Removal

Don’t wait until your website gets Blacklisted !More than 30,000 websites get hacked every day.

» How We Can Help?

At Webseowiz, our team of security experts and engineers are eager to assist you in locating and eliminating any malware or backdoors present on your website. We’ll also address any existing bugs to safeguard against potential attacks by hackers. This dedication to providing comprehensive solutions is what distinguishes us as one of the top companies for malware removal.

The next step is carefully to analyze your website and identify any other backdoors hackers could leave to get access to your website.


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